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 268 Burnt Park Drive
Red Deer County, AB
T4S 2L4

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FC2K Isolation Tool:

The FC2K Isolation tool shown is available in various stroke lengths from 72 in (180cm) to 120 in (305 cm) and is capable of digesting the seal assembly in the lower portion of the tool to enable easy installation on B.O.P.’s, flanged orbit or gate valves as well as E.U.E. style valves.


  • equipped with a wing valve which is used for equalizing pressure during installation and removal and is left open during pumping procedures to indicate a positive tubular seal and protect the wellhead from any pressure build-up. Each tool is complete with two 3 in ( 76.2 mm ) master valves, one manual and one hydraulic.
  • A flow port with a valve and an adjustable choke has been integrated in the design between the master valves to allow flow back for force closure procedures without flowing back through the frac string. This valve can also be used for equalizing pressure during installation and removal of tool from wellhead allowing the master valve to be in a closed and safe position.
  • equipped with dual hydraulic cylinders capable of 150,000 lbs. of push and up to 120 inches of stroke.

  • The high pressure mandrel is attached directly below the lower master valve into a 6” x 20” steel block which in turn connects to a second 6” x 20” block which contains the mandrel stuffing box. These two blocks are then positively locked together by large bolts stud padded into the lower block accepting the upper block. The upper and lower blocks are designed with a circular tongue and groove pattern which locks them together making the tool resistant to any line jack that may occur while fracturing. The FC2K is designed to protect multiple tubular sizes ranging from 60.3 mm (2 3/8”) to 193.7 mm (7 5/8”) simply by changing the mandrel size and stuffing box. The lower portion of tool may be changed to suit certain wellhead configurations.


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Grande Prairie - Canadian Wellhead Isolation now has a location in Grande Prairie to serve you.

wellhead on location

C. W. I. fleet of trucks are all equipped with tubing and casing savers for jobs from 2 3/8" to 7".

All units equipped with high pressure flow back equipment.

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